The line for high frequency (HF) welded tubes is a line expressly dedicated to produce tubes of various forms (round, square, rectangular) and with thicknesses that can vary from a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm to a maximum of 3 mm. The line is characterized by a remarkable production speed. In order to achieve high production speeds, the line is supplied with a double pivoting 3t + 3t decoiler which is followed by the heading and welding bench. The subsequent strip accumulator in spirals ensures the accumulation of sufficient material to feed the roll forming machine with the required high speeds. Then the welding head connects the profile, and positioned after the cooling station there are the calibration heads followed by the turkish heads, that give the required shape and dimensional tolerance. The subsequent flying saw cuts the product to the required measure, which is then placed on the unloading bench which automatically takes the finished product oyut of the line. As an option it is possible to have additional cassettes to perform the quick change of the product.