Machines technical assistance and maintenance

To ensure you are never alone

We provide all the know-how of PM Forming technicians to intervene on installations from the smallest faults to complete revamping.

We constantly make sure that everything goes smoothly and that our Quality Promise is respected. For this reason, we put at your service an extensive network of PM Forming Assistance and Maintenance for any mechanical need on industrial machines, automations and pre-existing systems for third parties that we have designed for you and installed in your production line.

Here is what we can do:

  • General supply of spare parts;
  • Remote support (via email, remote assistance or other various methods);
  • On-site technical assistance;
  • Renovation or substitution of all mechanical, electrics, hydraulics and structural parts to repair worn elements;
  • Consultancy on improving the automation of production equipment and automated machinery;
  • Complete overhaul of the machine: electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics, structural and metal framework of industrial automatic machines either in our workshop or directly at the client’s premises;
  • Routine maintenance of all aspects of the machines in compliance with the regulations in force and of their safety;
  • Special maintenance following planned and in-depth programming of the various parts of the machine under inspection;
  • Disassembling, repairing, replacing and reassembling the various mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and structural parts of a machine.
  • Renovation of components up to complete revamping;
  • New set-up of the machine’s safety devices in accordance with updated regulations;
  • CE re-markings.
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Revamping an existing industrial machine is often more cost-effective and favourable instead of designing a new machine. Thanks to the revamping service, PM Forming can renew an old machine and upgrade it, thus ensuring design and technological limitations are overcome in respect to previous configurations.

How does it work?

After carrying out the necessary inspections on the state of the machine and its technical parameters, the adjustments are carried out from a mechanical, structural, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic point of view, with up-to-date and legally compliant solutions and with CE re-marking if necessary. The intervention is planned together with the client in order to prevent an unduly lengthy shutdown and to resume the production cycle in the shortest possible time.

PM Forming revamping allows the customer to reduce the cost of purchasing a new machine and to make an underperforming machine more efficient, saving twice over.



Upgrade machines with obsolete technology to more modern technology.


Installation of missing components and rearrangement of safety devices.


Disassemble, overhaul and reassemble of the machinery for efficient repositioning.


Disassemble, overhaul and modify/replace of components, cleaning included.


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