Our Quality Promise

PM Forming cultivates an aptitude for work to perfection

Thanks to a company philosophy inherited from an important history. We are "genetically" attentive to the dynamics of quality and focused on organizational efficiency, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

For us, quality cannot be ignored, and that is why it becomes a promise to be kept every day. Exactely as we cannot ignore optimizing every activity to be competitive, especially through digital: today our machines are all set up for 4.0 interfacing with the world of factory automation and management. Innovation is the sister of quality.


Factory automation system

PM Forming supplies equipment for Industry 4.0

We supply machines that ‘converse’ with 4.0 automation and factory control systems, allowing orders to be entered directly from the customer’s management system into the production line.

Thanks to these systems, production data is automatically collected and entered into the company’s ERP system in real time, so the customer sees the updated progress and receives all the statistics on the ‘health’ of the machine, which is essential for predictive maintenance.

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