Two companies, one big family

Children of a successful entrepreneurial past, born to specialize itself in automatic roll forming machines.

PM Forming and its “sister” PM Profiles are part of the same large company recognized as one of the main producers of roll forming systems in Europe. Availability, high technical quality and technologically advanced workmanship characterize the young PM Forming, who inherits a mechanical know-how of enormous significance, and already established on the market. And that is not all: it relaunches with a new entrepreneurial challenge in the wake of the PM tradition. Because innovation is the engine that powers the best change we could wish for.

Production site

PM FormingCasale sul sile (TV)

The new company in Casale sul Sile (TV) is the operational base dedicated to the production of automatic punching and roll forming machines. Each system is designed to be flexible, fast and reliable, easily integrated with conventional or special systems. The lines have been studied and built for flexibility, speed and reliability, easily integrated with conventional or special machines.

Aim of the customer: obtain profiles with the highest quality and precision. In other words, maximum competitiveness on the market.

Over time we have established a solid management structure capable of managing and organising all areas and staff in a smooth and functional way.

Today PM Forming is led by a family Board of Directors that coordinate 5 strategic areas of the business:

Our Sales Managers establish and maintain contacts with customers who are looking for any type of sheet metal processing machines all over the world, without linguistic or geographical barriers. Every request for new machines, for modifications of existing machines or for any kind assistance is accepted and aligned with internal production requirements. This commercial area also involves the Marketing Department dedicated to developing the PM Forming image.

The PM Forming Technical Office develops the machines agreed with the customer at all stages, right up to final testing. The staff, made up of technical engineers, software engineers, designers and specialized technicians combine creativity and knowledge in order to plan, design and implement the sheet metal processing plant that best suits the customers needs from all points of view. Here comes the path to improve the performance of production processes and products.

The PM Forming productive area occupies 10,000 covered square meters with the possibility of expanding additional 30,000 square meters. In this vast area, the team of department managers and the operators that they coordinate deal with all phases of the supply and manufacturing process of PM Forming machines. In continuous contact with the Technical Department and the Sales Department, the managers ensure that the machines developed by the company, as defined in the documents beforehand, are reflected in the tested machine.

Quality is the red thread that binds all the activities in our company. A dedicated team verifies that all the machines are carried out correctly, that the production process follows the expected times and the higher standards imposed by PM Forming. Only in this way can the final product reach a very high value according to the ISO 9001 e 1090-4 standards.

This area is involved in functional processes related to the input and output cycle from a financial, economic and fiscal point of view. Its contribution is vital as it ensures the long-term stability and solidity of the company. In addition, the Financial-administrative area also coordinates the management of PM’s most important resources, namely all our employees.

Our Mission

We develop innovative production machines and anticipate the times with new solutions for the market in order to meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to ensuring that the attention, dedication, technique and creativity that we put into all our projects give an incalculable value to our core competence. A sum of skill and passion to generate a unique result.

Our Vision

We add value to the inheritance and mechanical passion from which we were born to give momentum to the future market. We open up to new challenges with the aim of overcoming them, reviving an old value that has never been dormant: listening. We want to be the unique and present ideal business partners that the customer desires, building a new professional dialogue personally tailored to each one.

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