Our past, our present

PM Forming is a young company, but heir to a great past. It was born in 2021 from the separation of a business branch of PM sas, a historic company present on the market since the 1960s.

THE 60s and 70s – THE BEGINNING

The brothers Renzo and Graziano Pizzolato, passionate about mechanics, from an early age test themselves in their home garage in Scorzè (VE - Italy). Here they founded the company "Meccanica Pizzolato" in 1977 together with their father Giuseppe.

THE 80s

Also the other 4 siblings join the family business: Fabio, Paolo, Anna and Giorgio. In these years, the first real creations of roll forming machines and entire sheet metal working lines began.

THE 90s

With the transfer of its headquarters in Salzano (VE), the family business develops roll forming techniques more and more, becoming increasingly large, specialized and well-know.

THE 2000s

At the dawn of the new millennium, PM sas develops projects in over 50 countries worldwide with a turnover of about 35 million euros. And so in 2002, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the foundation, the production area of ​​Salzano was implemented and the horizons also widened to the Automotive sector. A favorable choice for the future.

THE 2010s

Thanks to the constant increase in work flows, in 2015 PM decides to double its productive area: it expands the production space to 14,000 square meters, integrates new overhead cranes and a 20,000-ton coil warehouse. In this period PM is already highly specialized in many sectors: from automotive to metal shelving systems-furniture, from construction to buildings, electricity, lighting, road systems, agriculture, air conditioning, pipes, household appliances, with the ability to produce lines and products in almost all fields of application.

THE 2020s

In 2021 PM decides to divide the two business that characterize it, giving to each one the right company size that they have conquered over time. This is how it was created PM Forming srl, dedicated to the production of machines for sheet metal working, and PM Profiles srl (born from the change of the company name of the historic PM sas) dedicated to the creation of customized cold forming profiles. A necessary choice to keep up with the times and optimally respond to the daily challenges of the market.

“Experience and history are proof of our passion. Reacting to each and every challenge of the market with quality and strength we guarantee success with our spirit to face anything, with our clients in mind. These values are what PM stand for and we will pass these on to those who follow in our footsteps forever, so that the same passion does not run out.”

Famiglia Pizzolato

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