The line in question consists of three parts:

  1. SHELF-PLANE PRODUCTION: the roll forming machine is a PMD model (with movable uprights characterised by an automatic fast change of width). Starting from the coil and then punching it, the machine has the task of realizing the shelf profiles. At the end of the roll forming machine there is the cutting and bending unit, which performs the work of cutting the profile and simultaneously bending the ends of the shelf.
  2. REINFORCEMENT PRODUCTION: here we have a roll forming machine PMF model, a very versatile type of roll forming machine that can produce any type of reinforcement required in the assembly area. This is followed by punching and cutting units.
  3. ASSEMBLY AND WELDING: in this last area of the line, a transfer unit with suction cups picks up the reinforcements and places them inside the shelf. This is followed by the welding machines that weld the components together. At the end of the operation, the shelf is removed from the area, allowing the operator to prepare the finished product packaging (this operation can be performed by a robot). The entire procedure described is performed automatically, without any intervention by the operator.

Over the years, other versions of the line in question have been produced, prepared for different types of price marks or for other shelf shapes, with the folds and reinforcements provided in alternative positions, according to customer requirements.