Flexible punching line up to automatic unloading, starting with strip. The peculiarity of this punching machine is that it is electric; so the power of hte punching machine is given the motor. This solution allows to avoid the problems of the hydraulic solution, with less maintenance and more reliability. Furthermore, it can reach really high speeds, i.e. strokes per minute, determined by the number of revolutions of the motor. Another peculiarity of this innovative punching machine is that it has 4 columns, therefore much more reliable over time. In addition to have less consumption of the tools, it allows to obtain the processing of higher thicknesses. The standard quick interchangeable punching units are "AMADA" type. It can be equipped with longitudinal feeder with rolls or with pincers. The automatic lateral unloading with suction cups makes the punching independent from the unloading/packing operations and not stopping the line.